Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just having a group of friends over for cocktails, my close-up strolling magic show will be the life of your party! Close-up magic happens right in front of you, sometimes in your own hands, without the aid of mirrors, trap doors, or other hidden gadgets. Even after you see it for yourself, you still won’t believe your own eyes!


Kids absolutely LOVE to be entertained by my magic! In fact, magic brings out the “kid” in all of us. I fell in love with magic on my eighth birthday, when I saw a magician perform live on stage at the Dallas State Fair. My magic shows are very interactive, and I enjoy getting everyone involved in the fun. I also love to give out souvenir gifts to the kids, and I have been known to teach the audience a magic trick or two that they can take home to entertain their friends. (You have to promise that you won’t tell the secret, though.)


Want to make a lasting impression on your employer and fellow employees? Whether you are holding a sales meeting to promote a new product or service, or just hosting a relaxing after-hour cocktail mixer to welcome a new employee to your staff, my strolling close-up magic show can be custom-tailored to fit your particular needs. Let me know how I can help you make your next event a huge success!


If you are hosting a holiday party at your home or place of business, I am the entertainer to call. I have performed at just about every kind of holiday-themed party you can imagine. My magic is family-friendly, and appeals to people of all ages. I’ll tell you a little secret about myself: holiday parties are my favorite places to perform my magic, but I especially love Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties. Yes! New Year’s Eve parties! What a magical way to ring in the New Year! The bad news is, I can only perform at ONE New Year’s Eve party a year, so you might want to book me for your party NOW!


Wedding planners are often at a loss when it comes to hiring an entertainer. How do we liven up the party without distracting attention away from the seriousness of the occasion? My close-up strolling magic show is the perfect solution to that problem. I have created special magic, both close-up and stage, just for this unique occasion. I can even magically produce a real bottle of champagne out of thin air as a special gift to the Bride and Groom. This has become one of my most popular and often-requested magic effects. You will just have to see it for yourself. And after you see it, you STILL won’t believe it!


The real advantage of my close-up magic show is that it will fit in perfectly with just about any occasion where a group of people gather together to have a good time. Are you hosting a Grand Opening for your new business? Maybe you are launching a new product or service for your business, and you want to attract a crowd to the event. How about a Science Fair! I can even serve as the MC for a show or special presentation. (That stands for “Magician of Ceremonies”!) The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. And, as a professional magician, I can certainly help with the imagination part!


If you are raising money for a worthy cause, I can help by entertaining at your event. After all, you want as many people as you can to attend. For these types of events, even though I am already reasonably priced, I can give you a huge discount on my services to help you save as much money as you can. Let’s talk!


If you have ever attended or worked at a trade show, you know that the success of the event depends on attracting a crowd to your booth and keeping them there so that you can promote your product or service. Close-up magic is the perfect way to do this! I can even work your particular product into my show as a way to advertise. Imagine if you witnessed a magician producing souvenir gifts out of thin air and giving them away to the guests! People will keep a gift that was given to them by magic. And they will talk about the experience for years to come. There is no better way to make a lasting impression on potential clients.


I am a firm believer in quality education for both children and adults. To me, education makes THE difference in success or failure in life. Because of this belief, I like to promote education whenever I can with my magic show. I can build a school-related theme into my show, such as “saying ‘no’ to drugs”, “dealing with bullies”, or encouraging everyone to make reading a daily habit. Do you have an idea that you would like to share with your students? Let me help. (By the way, I also work in adult vocational education as a professional instructor, so I know a thing or two about the learning process.)


Have you ever wanted to learn to perform magic yourself, either as a hobby or a profession? I can help. I am a member in good standing of several local Dallas Magic Societies, and we have regular meetings where we share secrets and ideas on how to be a better performing magician. We even have a Young Magician’s Club especially for the kids. Ask me for details, and I will make sure that you get a personal invitation to one of our events.


I’D LOVE TO HEAR IT! I have been performing magic for half my childhood and all my adult life, and just when I think I’ve performed my show for every kind of occasion that there is — just when I think that there could not possibly be another way to entertain people with my show — someone surprises me with a new idea. Is a friend or relative in the hospital and needing a little cheering up? How about an elderly friend or relative who has just moved into a nursing home or memory care facility? I’ve even performed at marriage proposal parties, magically producing the engagement ring for the happy couple. Talk about a surprise! So, what’s YOUR idea for the perfect magic show? Let me help. You won’t regret it.